Beware of authorship

Copyright law and the protection of the work of art are related to the concept of authorship.

The plagiarists of the final theses meet today and daily, and in the US today plagiarism is severely punished. Be an exclusion from the study or even an additional removal of the title. Therefore, literal descriptions from the literature should be cited as citations.


The Copyright Act does not use or define the concept of plagiarism; it is described by the international standard ISO 5127-2003 as “the presentation of another author’s intellectual work, borrowed or imitated in whole or in part, as his own”. Protection refers to an artistic and scientific work “which is a unique result of creative activity”, if it is objectively expressed, but also translation, program, database and the like.

However, the Copyright Act explicitly states that the subject of legal protection – and hence not even plagiarism – is not “in particular the subject matter of the work itself, the daily report or any other statement in itself, thought, procedure, principle, method, discovery, scientific theory, mathematical and similar formula, statistical graph and similar subject itself. “

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